Logic analysis, failure diagnosis, Data acquisition and facilitiy optimization
for PLC systems Data Sheet, Manual

Technical Features

  • Data acquisition via the programming unit interface of the PLC, or via the automation network / fieldbus
  • Acquisition of input, output, flag, counter, timer, peripheral, data word, data block, etc.
  • Signal display in bit, byte, word and double-word formats
  • Creating of pseudo signals
  • Adding of additional addresses or trigger conditions while recording
  • Simultaneous acquisition on several PLC systems (e. g. SIMATIC S7 + S5 or SIMATIC S7 + Allen-Bradley ...)
  • Software solution, no additional hardware necessary
  • Modification of PLC program not necessary
  • Cycle precise acquisition for SIMATIC-PLCs
  • Storage of the signal waveform on hard disk
  • Trigger-controlled signal file creation or long-term recording
  • Time controlled signal recording
  • Online signal display (similar to a line printer or an oscilloscope)
  • Comfortable definition of triggers by Drag & Drop
  • Substantial trigger features with AND-/OR logic and cascading
  • Pretrigger and posttrigger time can be set by user
  • Start- and Stopptrigger
  • Trigger on binary values and register values
  • Automatic alarm in case of trigger event (E-mail or sms, acoustic announcement)
  • Comparing of signal files
  • Search for trigger, edge, bit pattern, time and notices parallel in more than one signal file
  • Measuring of periods of time and measuring of bits
  • Relative and absolute data time
  • Flexible register scaling and conversion to physical units
  • Data format: decimal, hexadecimal, binary, ASCII, real (floating point), S5-time, date
  • Use of symbolic address names and commentaries of the PLC-programming software
  • Project files for pre-configuring and automating data acquisition runs
  • Print/Storage of complete project settings for docu- mentation of test sequence and measurements
  • Printing of signal files
  • Export from signal files as image format, text (csv-file) or HTML file
  • Import of measured values in text format (csv-file)
  • S7-PLCSIM support
  • Multilingual
  • AD_USB-Box® (optional): Recording of external voltage and current, possible connection via USB-port
  • BLACKBOX (optional): Ultra compact Mini-PC for installation in switching cabinet, long-term recording of measured values over several years
  • PLC drivers for several PLC systems available,
    see list.

  • New Features PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 (extract)